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In K-4, we introduce children to God, creation, and the world around us.  We also begin to introduce the children to numbers, letters, sounds, and colors. We teach Bible stories, numbers, colors, and alphabet sounds.  We enjoy many activities including coloring, painting, and many crafts. Your child will also begin to master their social and fine motor skills. We strive to have a fun yet educational program. students will learn to recognize letters and their sounds, then we put sounds together to form words. We also master our numbers and shapes. We have daily Bible stories and weekly crafts.

K-4 teaches the students readiness skills needed for K-5. 


In K-5 students will build upon their learning of God and His creation. They will learn to recognize letters and each letters' sounds, then put sounds together to form words so they can read well. They will learn recognition and value of number 1-100. They will be introduced to addition and subtraction as well as telling time. We have many hands on activities as well. Then as we learn about God's world in our Science program, we have experiments involving our five senses.  Students will learn a Bible verse that coincides with each letter of the Alphabet. There will be special performances at Christmas and at the Graduation Ceremony/Program.

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