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Dress Code


Elementary Uniform List for 2023/2024


Boys Kindergarten through Sixth Grade:

• Pants---Navy pants with White Polo shirt or Khaki Pants with Navy Polo shirt. School name embroidered on shirts.

• Sweater---Navy V-Neck Pullover with school name embroidered.

• Sweater Vest---Navy V-Neck vest with school logo

• Belt---Black  (Can be purchased elsewhere)

• Shoes---Black only. No tennis shoes or boots are permitted.  (Can be purchase elsewhere)

• Socks----Dark dress socks.  No ankle or low cut socks are permitted.  (Can be Purchased elsewhere)

• Gym Sweatshirts---Are purchased at the uniform shop only.

• Gym Pants---Can be purchased at any store.  They must be Royal Blue, Navy, or Black. 

They can have a stripe down the side in White or Light Blue.  No sweats!  Windbreaker or mesh like material only.



Girls Kindergarten through Sixth Grade:

• Plaid Jumper----one piece drop waist.  (Below the knee, order extended length if necessary).

• Blouses----Peter Pan collar in White only  with embroidered collar.

• Sweaters----Navy Blue Crew Neck Cardigan Sweater with school logo.

• Shoes----Black or Navy Blue dress shoe. Black and White saddle shoes can also be purchase. 

No open toe, heels, or sling backs.  (Can be purchased elsewhere)

• Socks----White anklet (roll down top).  No ankle or low cut socks.  Tights can be worn in White, Navy, or Cream. 

No Knee-High’s or nylons. (Can be purchased elsewhere)

• Gym Sweatshirts---Are purchased at the uniform  shop only.

• Gym Clothes---T-shirts are purchased through the school.  Culottes are also purchased through the school;

however, your student needs to measured before school starts so that we can order the right size culottes.





High School Uniform List for 2023/2024


Guys Seventh through Twelfth Grade:

• Pants----Navy pleated Twill pants and Gray slacks for chapel.

• Shirt----White Oxford shirt with school name embroidered.

• Sweater----Navy V-Neck Pullover sweater with school name embroidered.  No Hoodies or other apparel may be substituted.

• Sweater Vest---Navy V-Neck Sweater vest with school logo.

• Tie

• Belt----Black (can be purchased anywhere)

• Shoes----Black Dress shoes only!  Can be purchased anywhere.  No tennis shoes or boot like shoes.

• White T-Shirts must be worn under shirt.  No writing on T-Shirt or colored T-Shirt is acceptable.

• Socks----Men’s dress socks. Black or Navy.  No ankle socks.  Can be purchased anywhere.

• Gym Sweatshirt---Can be purchased through our athletic Department. (Click to Email)

• Gym Clothes---T-Shirts are purchased at the school only. (Click to Email

Gym pants can be purchased at Macy’s or JC Penney’s or at like stores.  Nave Blue mesh with white strip down the side.



Girls Seventh through Twelfth Grade:

• Skirt----Plaid sewn down knife pleat skirt. Skirts must be below the knee when sitting.  Order extended length if needed.

• Blouse----Oxford shirt in White with school name embroidered.

• Criss Cross Tie

• Sweater----Navy V-Neck Pullover Sweater with school name embroidered.

• Sweater Vest---Navy V-Neck Sweater Vest with school logo.

• Nylons----Must be worn at all times.  Flesh tone color, navy, white, or cream.  No anklets, knee-highs, thigh-highs or fish net hosiery at all.  Purchase anywhere.

• Shoes----Black or navy dress shoes.  No Platform or High Heels.  No Tennis Shoes.  No open-toe or sling back.  No boot-like shoes. Purchase anywhere.

• Camisole----White must be worn under blouse.  No T-shirts with writing or colored T-shirts will be acceptable.

• Gym Sweatshirt---Can be purchased through our athletic Department. (Click to Email)

• Gym clothes---T-shirts are purchased through the school.  (Click to Email)



Culottes are also purchased through

You can place an order for culottes off their website.


is where you must purchase your uniform unless otherwise stated. 

They are located at: 

Loch Raven Plaza, 923 Taylor Avenue, Towson, MD 2120



Letter From The Secretary



When placing your order, be sure you order the “Two Pleater Culottes in Black”.  Let them know that you are with Calvary Baptist Schools in Dundalk, Maryland. Ceil is the owner and has worked with us for years and will be more than happy to assist you.

To order school gym culottes, go directly to the website by clicking the provided link. Click on the ‘Culottes’ tab, then click on the

‘Two Pleater Culottes / Gym Culottes’ tab. Measuring instructions can be found at the ‘How to Measure’ link at the bottom of every page.  Call Ceil Werner at 856-336-2435 if you have any questions or prefer to place your order on the phone. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.


Andrea Leeder

School Secretary



If a student arrives at school and is improperly dressed, he/she will be sent to the office and his/her parent(s) will be called to bring clothing to correct the problem.  If clothing is unavailable the student will be sent home and will be counted absent for that day.

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