dress code

Culottes are also purchased through 


You can place an order for culottes off their website.

This is where you must purchase your uniform, unless otherwise stated. 

They are located at: 

Loch Raven Plaza, 923 Taylor Avenue, Towson, MD 21286

letter from the secretary

When placing your order, be sure you order the “Two Pleater Culottes in Black”.  Let them know that you are with Calvary Baptist Schools in Dundalk, Maryland. Ceil is the owner and has worked with us for years and will be more than happy to assist you.

To order school gym culottes, go directly to the website by clicking the provided link. Click on the ‘Culottes’ tab, then click on the ‘Two Pleater Culottes / Gym Culottes’ tab. Measuring instructions can be found at the ‘How to Measure’ link at the bottom of every page.  Call Ceil Werner at 856-336-2435 if you have any questions or prefer to place your order on the phone. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

If a student arrives at school and is improperly dressed, he/she will be sent to the office and his/her parent(s) will be called to bring clothing to correct the problem.  If clothing is unavailable the student will be sent home and will be counted absent for that day.

Emilee Plumstead

School Secretary